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Our Goals


Though Ethiopia made its 1st proclamation for Universal Education about 100 years ago (Eth. cal. 1898) and more recently, Emperor Hailesellasie also emphasized the importance of education by converting his palace to Ethiopia's first University. It still has large segment of its population uneducated.

Ethiopia’s Statistical Authority report, in 2000, indicated that 43% of its population was under 15 years of age. This population growth trend has serious consequences for the education sector, since it increases demand progressively, from year to year.

A 1996 UNWFP publication stated that the general primary school enrolment rate in Ethiopia was 22% only. To achieve the African primary school participation rate of 70%, by the year 2000, Ethiopia should have expanded the services by 200%. Situation at Entoto in the outskirts of Addis Ababa and Selamge Selasie (Mekdela) are no better and a large number of children were without any possibility of obtaining any education because there were no schools in the area.

Particular goals:

1.Ensuring continuation of classes in the original St. Raguel/Elias School (established in 1999)
2.Obtaining additional pieces land from the government adjecent to the current school and
   to expand the services up to eighth grade.
3.The long-term objective of the association is to establish primary schools in as many
   needy areas of Ethiopia as possible, and/or up-grade standard of existing
   dilapidated primary schools.

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